Social Media or Blog Post ideas – Spring Edition

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Spring is in the air, and thoughts are turning to upcoming days of better weather, a new business quarter, and what the hell can we post on LinkedIn to make us stand out a bit?

I’ll be posting about this quite a bit in my membership group, so now’s a good time to join.

But back to the Spring blog post ideas.

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The obvious ones for March are International Women’s Day and Mothers’ Day, St. David’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and The Ides of March, and I’ll throw in some ideas for those over the next couple of weeks.

It’s also the month of the Great Daffodil Appeal for Marie Curie Cancer Care, but if any of you start a post with “I wander’d lonely as a cloud” I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN!

The idea of Spring itself is a good one to be thinking of over the next week or so.

Here are some ideas related to new beginnings and lighter days, you can probably think of more.

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New Beginnings

Idea 1

For many of us, starting our business was the dawn of a new age – whether that be taking the jump from employment into self-employment, starting a business as a new parent, or just having the self belief that “I can do this.”

I know I’ve asked you to write about how you started your business before, but now write about how it made you feel to be at the start of a whole new path.


It just puts a whole different slant on it and shows more of your personality. Were you brave, impulsive, devil-may-care? Or more hesitant, planned, incremental? How you started your business says a lot more about you than just “I wanted to work for myself”.

(Although my ‘got pregnant at 18, had a baby, got married, got divorced, bought a computer I didn’t know how to use, and started a web design business, because f**k it, why not?’ story may say more about me than I want my potential clients to know…)

Idea 2

Maybe you’re using this time of the year to start something new in your business? A new product or service, a new way of doing something? Let people know!

Idea 3

New client, new testimonial, new page on your website (maybe a blog post? #justsaying) – all good things that tie in with ‘new’ and make easy LinkedIn posts.

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Lighter days

One of the things I love about training clients on how to use LinkedIn is that I can throw the same subject at a group of 5 people and get back 5 completely different posts.

To me, lighter days means that I love it being lighter in the morning, I get up with more of a spring (yeah I know) in my step, I like walking my dog in the light and maybe taking a picnic to the local park. Working in the afternoon doesn’t seem like such a chore when it’s not grey and dreary by 3.30pm.

To you it might mean the physical feeling of lightness that being in nature in Spring brings.

To someone else it might mean lightening your business by removing some services – and I’ve thrown this one in because I know that at least 3 or 4 of my members have done this.

Welcome in Spring by talking about things like this, rather than hitting everyone on the head and saying “HEY BUDDY, IT’S SPRING – HERE’S MY SPRING POST!”*

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*I know it’s not officially Spring yet, but people’s thoughts will be turning to it from next week. Are your blog posts and social media ideas ready?

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