Valentine’s Day blog post ideas with a difference

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We all know Valentine’s Day is a made up holiday, and if you didn’t know that, you’re going to see a LOT of posts on LinkedIn telling you about it over the next week or so.

Don’t be the author of one of those ‘V-Day isn’t real’ posts – they’re not original and everyone gets sick of seeing them – I’d hate for you to be the post that breaks the reader’s back and results in you being unfollowed.

But on the other hand, everyone is going to be posting about the love they have for their partner, their business, their dog, and LinkedIn, and you’re not going to stand out by doing that either.

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So here are a few ideas for posts that kind of hit the theme, but aren’t the same as everyone else.


What was the best letter or email you received in your business career? This is a great one for shoe-horning in a testimonial or some lovely words someone has said about you.

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What are you celebrating this week? Tie this in with #WeeklyWins for bonus points from me.

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By all means talk about love, but don’t go the obvious route. Copywriters, talk about a word you love. Web designers, what about a font or a widget you love? In any industry there will be something that you think doesn’t get enough love – this is a perfect time to do it if you really want to go down the love route.

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Who would you love to work with? Shout about it for everyone to see, and hopefully you’ll get some (love)bites. [sorrynotsorry]. For example, I really want to be on more podcasts, so I’ll be posting about partnerships in that respect. Or talk about the partnerships that mean the most to you in your business. I could talk about the agencies I work with, the members of this group, the freelance groups I belong to that save my sanity at times.

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Apparently this is a thing. I just call it ‘going out’, but each to their own. How about talking about setting a date-night (or afternoon) with your business? It gives you a chance to tell people what you’re up to, what you’re working on, services you might be launching or beefing up, all without sounding too sales-y.

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That’s 5 ideas for the week of love, will you use any of them?

Oh, and don’t forget the obligatory pancake picture on Tuesday – that’s one where I’ll let you get away with doing the same thing as everyone else!

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