6 reasons NOT to work with Nikki Pilkington, SEO Copywriter

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When it comes to SEO Copywriting for your website, I could tell you I’m the best. I could explain that no-one else can do the job for you. I could say that, out of the millions of copywriters out there, I’m the one for you.

But the fact is, that in some cases, I’m not!

And, although every copywriter loves a new client, sometimes people just aren’t the right fit.

Here are just some of the reasons I’ve advised potential clients to find other copywriters and not to use my services.

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1) Your business is outside my niche

I write for Business to Business (B2B) companies. People who sell products or services to other businesses. Although I do have experience in B2C (Business to Consumer), it’s not my preferred sector, so someone else would be better off writing for you.

I have a lot of experience in Manufacturing, Technical and Industrial sectors, so writing for B2C would be a struggle for me, and I wouldn’t do it well within a good timeframe. You deserve better, and I’ll tell you.

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2) You have ‘too many cooks’ in your business

When writing has to be approved by committee, it never works. Everyone has different views on how something should be written. My experience is in SEO copywriting, which means I write in a very specific way to enhance any SEO services and ensure that a blog or web page is SEO ready to just slot in to your website.

I ask any business that I work with to have one named contact that I send copy to for approval. As our relationship grows, this person will know exactly why I’ve written what I have, and things will be approved quicker. This works especially well on time sensitive pieces, such as reactions to news events.

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3) You have a Fiverr budget but ProCopywriter expectations

There’s no easy way to say this — it’s entirely possible that you can’t afford me. Or don’t want to afford me. If you’ve been browsing Fiverr and Upwork to find a SEO copywriter, you’re not going to like my prices.

If, however, you appreciate 30 years of copywriting and SEO experience, decades of know-how in very niche industries, and the ability to know how to communicate with both your clients AND Google, then I could be your woman!

Find out how I save you money on my services.

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4) You want me to write a ‘test piece’ for free

Whether you’re a one man band, a multi million corporate, a massive agency, or anything in between, you shouldn’t be asking people to work for free.

I don’t care if there ‘could be more work’ (spoiler alert: there usually isn’t or it’s so low priced it’s not worth it).

I don’t care if you ‘want to see if we’re a fit’ (if you’re asking me to work for free, we’re not).

I don’t care if you ‘don’t have a budget for the first piece of work’ (go find one, or write it yourself).

I’ll send you samples of work I have done or direct you to my private portfolio, without question.

But no-one in business should be asking someone else in business to do work for free.

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5) You want all your blog posts to be editorials

If you see your blog as simply a ‘Company News’ repository, then I’m not the person to work with.

From around 2000 when I started promoting blogging for business, I’ve believed that a blog is for education, entertainment and to help and advise your potential customers. This in turn leads to loyalty, trust, and in time, sales.

Of course news items about your business belong there, but it shouldn’t be all about the company; it should be about the readers. Of which you won’t have many, if all of your updates are press releases.

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6) You don’t want to pay up front

Whether it’s a one off piece, a larger project, or an ongoing retainer contract, I charge up front. Work doesn’t begin until an invoice is paid. I appreciate that some people don’t want to work in that way, and I can direct you to some other great copywriters if that’s the case.

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If you’ve read everything above and think we can work well together, why not book in a 30 minute call to see if we’re a match, or drop me a line with your project needs? Don’t forget to connect with me on LinkedIn, too.


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